Botto: Amazing Art

Art is subjective and relative. It depends on the eyes of the viewer. What may excite you might not excite someone else. Good art is a piece that can show and speak the vision of the artist. Good art can be described as something which independently can speak thousands of words. The best part about painting and art, in particular, is that every opinion is unique. Every take and opinion is made up of no bias opinion. There have been a lot of artists in past. A lot of different artists have given a lot of different forms of art. People for leisure prefer to go and watch them. Da Vinci and Picasso are notably the most popular in this field.

The new kind of art.

There is no end to the imagination as for that matter. To be fair no one controls it. Imagination is an ocean that has no end. It just goes on and on. The more you think the more you could imagine and the more you can express so to say. Be it any form of art. I am not just talking about pieces of painting so to say. Art in particular has no boundaries. The sky is the limit for an artist. You can not contain it in a bottle. That is what makes them unique. That is exactly what makes them stand out from the mass. People love to look at some important pieces of painting. People travel across countries to go and watch the famous portrait of the “Mona Lisa.”

 A painting can have a lot of influence on the thinking process. It can make your mind work to think about the vision of the artist. An artist creates a piece of magic on the canvas. But, you do not need to always go by the vision of the artist. That is the beauty of painting or art in general. Every artist craves a unique take they want unique opinions on their product. Even, you could tell a lot about someone only through their choice of art or painting and through their perception of it. Art is very subjective. Something that you admire does not mean it will please everyone. 

When you discuss art you need to be open to other opinions as for that matter. To be very honest a lot of new and creative artists in the field of painting have been emerging lately. A lot of cool and eye-catchy art is now there in the market for you to admire so to say. You would definitely love to see and explore the world of art. It is crazy how just a piece of art that has been contained on a canvas speaks so much. You cannot stop admiring such arts. A similar thing now has been introduced by a new and budding artist known as Botto. They call themselves a decentralized autonomous artist. 

Their vision is to through their art to give back to the community. That is very noble thinking and point of view. They produce new art every week. That is their vision to give people 52 unique art a year. That means 52 arts for 52 weeks. Every week they give their art for auction. The art form of Botto is different from normal. They do not do mainstream work. their vision and the final product are very unique. Words cannot describe the beauty of it. You actually need to visit their auction or their site as for that matter. To actually see and understand their magic. I am sure you would be out of words just like me. You cannot describe the beauty they produce.

You get what you see.

A lot of such sites have been not been famous recently. This is because at times customers do not get what they ask or aspire for. They basically do not get what they see.    But, Botto is very different. Their whole ideology is to give back to the community. So, cheating is something they will not do no matter what. You definitely will get the piece of art that you liked and saw on the site or the auction. Another wonderful thing about them is that they work according to their audience and the community they are serving as for that matter. They work on the feedback they get.

You can tell them what you liked or what you did not. You can tell what you want to see in the future. And they will take your valuable feedback and opinion to their account. And will definitely try to deliver according to the expectations of their audience.

The new way to buy art.

The world is changing. Things are changing. Everything needs an upgrade and an evolution. Even art needed that. I know this may sound a bit vague or even weird so to say. But that is the truth. Earlier people were required to go in person to auctions. If they are required to buy some art for themselves. That requires a lot of time and effort. As, such auctions take place usually, in foreign countries. That is why it might not be available or even accessible to many. They need to travel and do registration. That can be very expensive. Even, due to a pandemic, such things are not possible. Because they would gather mass and that is for health not optimal as for that matter.

But, if you wish to buy something from Botto. Then that is not an issue so to say. They conduct exhibitions and auctions online. You need to get on their site. There you can see all of their amazing art and paintings. You can decide which one you want to buy. And accordingly, you can bid on them in the auction which would take place on an online medium as well so to say. Isn’t that the better way to do it? certainly, it is. People prefer it over normal auctions. So, if you wish to buy some amazing art. Then just come to Botto and get what you want.

How Botto uses these votes to train its algorithm, changing the art it creates over time?

AI(Artificial Intelligence) has been integrated into our daily lives. Many tasks such as driving and writing have become automated thanks to AI. Now, AI has come into art also, as many artists have begun experimenting with it. Artists and those who feed off of their talents have budding relationships between them that have been long existent. 

AIA or Artificial Intelligence Art is any piece of art autonomously created by machines through artificial intelligence systems. It also refers to works of art that are a collective contribution of an AI system and a human. The wealth of data in this fourth industrial revolution is immense. Cybersecurity data, mobile, social media, business, health are all different kinds of data that need analysis. Through this, we can develop smart and automated applications, and for this, AI(Artificial intelligence) and, in particular, machine learning is the key. For analyzing data on a large scale, deep learning can be used. Supervised, Unsupervised, semi-supervised, and reinforcement learning are various types of machine learning algorithms. The capabilities of any application can be enhanced by the use of these machine learning algorithms. Insightful and useful knowledge can be extracted from these different types of data by data management tools and techniques, using which real-world applications are developed. 

An algorithm is used to create art pieces. These artworks are not the work of the human mind or creativity, and rather these are works created through mathematical data and algebraic algorithms.

Decentralized artists are creating decentralized art, meaning art that is present in online blockchains rather than a centralized art gallery. These are art created to be sold online through auctions. Blockchain is a method of recording transactions across self-auditing ledgers in an open, distributed, permanent, and verifiable fashion. Even though blockchain was originally developed for financial applications, it is feasible to adopt blockchain in other areas, such as constructing an online decentralized electronic voting system for art. The use of blockchain technology in e-voting systems allows for the auditing/tracking of every vote in real-time, which was difficult, if not impossible, with previous e-voting systems. Through this, art becomes available to rich people and average joes too and helps the artists gain more recognition.