Follow These Tips To Choose A Ring From The Ring Size Chart

Whether you are buying it for fashion or wearing it for the most awaited moment of your life, getting a ring is a task where you would not want to be inaccurate. From following a ring size chart to measuring your finger accurately, one needs to give their undivided attention to get the best jewellery. 

Getting the inaccurate fit of the ring will be a bit embarrassing, and it may put all your efforts to waste. That’s why this blog is intended to help you follow the ring size chart correctly so that you buy the best ring that fits well with your dear ones. 

Here we are mentioning some do(s) and don’t(s)to get you the right fit of the ring from the ring size chart.

Do not use a strip or piece of paper to measure the ring size.

When you are reading blogs on how to determine the best fit by looking at a ring size chart, you will stumble upon some websites that suggest wrapping a paper strip to determine the right fit. They ask you to wrap the strap around the finger and mark the area where the piece overlaps. Some suggest using a string in place of paper.

Both these methods show a high level of inaccuracy. With these measurements, you cannot determine your jewellery using a ring size chart. A string can easily stretch whereas a paper may crumple, get a crease, or simply get damaged. Humidity, temperature, and a simple water spill can damage the paper too. 

With this method, one also forgets to consider that the ring slips over through the finger joint knuckle. In some people, this joint is larger than the rest of the finger. The ring might not make it beyond the knuckle, and eventually, the thrill of wearing it for the first time gets spoiled, due to inaccurate reference to the ring size chart.

To not lose the element of surprise, refer to the ring size chart accurately, and ask a jeweller to help you in this matter. Given that rings have such a symbolic value, you will not want to mess with the accuracy of the ring. 

Take a jeweller’s help to refer to the ring size chart

Want to get the right fit? Take your beloved with you to the jewellery shop. Let the jeweller determine their ring size by accurately referring to the ring size chart. Every jeweller has a different set of finger gauges, often called ring sizers, that are made with metal. These are 1/2 size increments that slip onto the finger. The jeweller tries different metal bands to determine which one is the best fit for the finger. They also keep in mind factors that affect a fingers size, such as humidity, time of the day, temperature, and altitude. With this, one can easily eliminate uncertainty out of the process.

Don’t want to spoil the surprise? Why not “borrow” your beloved’s ring from their jewellery collection. You can also ask them to try someone else’s spare rings to see if it fits them. Just keep it casual so that your partner doesn’t get curious. Take this ring to the jeweller after making sure that it fits on the ring finger only. Keep in mind that for a right-handed person, the left-hand ring finger typically will be smaller. The same goes opposite ways. Inform the jeweller about the dominant hand as it will help determine the ring size chart correctly. 

The jewellers use a ring mandrel or a tapered cylindrical tool, to measure an existing ring. Other than this, a finger gauge set can measure in half, as well as in full sizes. In case the band is quite wide, the measurement is taken from the centre. If none of this works, look for online merchants that offer plastic ring sizers to try. It will surely give a fairly accurate measurement of the ring size, and one can easily pick a new ring this way from the ring size chart.

Measuring ring size with the help of a soap bar

There are many secret measures to estimate the ring size of your loved one. Whenever you get a chance, pick your loved one’s favourite ring that they wear on your ring finger. Press it on a clean bar of soap, till it creates an impression. Be sure to not leave out any trace, as soap can easily stick to the ring. Wipe it clean, and place it in its original place, to leave no room for suspicion.

Bring this soap bar to your jeweller, who will use the marking on the soap bar to determine the ring and pinpoint a size in the ring size chart. However, don’t forget to inform whether the imprint is of the dominant hand or not. If an engagement ring has a twisted band, be sure to be accurate about your ring size chart choice.

Use paper and pencil to determine ring size from the ring size chart

Borrow your beloved’s rings the one they regularly wear ( note if it’s the dominant hand or not). Choose a plain one with minimal adornment. Get a pencil, and trace the insides of the ring on paper. One can easily determine the size and pinpoint it to a ring size chart. 

Ask a friend, family, or another close member about the ring size

Another brilliant way to know the ring size and specific measurement of the ring size chart is to ask friends or family members. Generally, parents or siblings do have an idea, and you can convince them to come with you to shop for an engagement ring. 

Buy a larger size, and choose a bigger shank

If you are still unsure about the right measurement from the ring size chart, then choose a bigger size. It is easy to remove metal from a ring if it’s a big ring than adding metal to a ring that’s small already. Choose rings that have wide shanks, because they fit more snugly.