Gambling Tattoos and Their Meanings

Gamblers may want a tattoo for various reasons. They may want them to celebrate a big win, bring them luck or to prevent them from repeating a past mistake. Popular tattoos for gamblers are dice, cards, cherries, poker chips or stars. A gambling tattoo shows to the world that the gambler has a dare-devil approach to life and the confidence to take risks. Gambling tattoos often match the game preferences of gamblers. 

Choice of tattoo design

The choice of a tattoo design usually relates to its meaning. Dice symbolize taking risks and a carefree attitude to life. They may also symbolize good luck or good fortune. Many gamblers go with traditional playing cards, but they may also add their own flair. A Lady Luck design is another symbol of prosperity. Using the logo of a favorite casino is another popular idea. A detailed and intricate roulette wheel design is an iconic symbol for roulette players. 

Cherries were used in traditional slot machines and getting three cherries in a row was a winning combination. This is why those who enjoy playing online slots at real money online casinos like Parx may get a cherries tattoo. A vintage-style slot machine is another tattoo option for slot players. 

Placement of a gambling tattoo

Gamblers also need to decide where to place a tattoo. They can place a tattoo just about anywhere on their bodies, but the arms are often the most popular spot. Gamblers facing anxiety may have a tattoo on the arm as a reminder to be brave. 

Some gamblers may be daring enough to get a full sleeve tattoo with a casino theme. Others may have a small tattoo, like a pair of dice, on an ankle or wrist. Those who enjoy slots may have a five-reel slot design on their backs. 

Colors of a tattoo

The design of the tattoo usually dictates the colors. Many gambling tattoos are black and white. For example, a black and white gambling sleeve may feature poker chips and dice with a pool ball and roulette wheel. Tattoos may also feature pops of color, and red color is popular. For example, a tattoo may feature red flames with black and white dice and stars. 

Choosing a good tattoo artist Understanding the basics of getting a tattoo is important before going ahead because a tattoo is permanent. It can be quite a painful process, and it’s important to choose a good tattoo artist. There are many different styles of tattoos – realistic, illustrative, minimalistic etc. Gamblers can get the look they want by choosing a tattoo artist who is versed in a particular style. The best tattoo artists can create the most detailed, intricate tattoos.