How to Choose the Perfect Instagram Username

Whether you’re looking to create a new account on Instagram or rebranding your existing profile, choosing the right username can be a daunting task. The right Instagram username can make or break your Instagram journey. The right username can help people find you easily on Instagram and directly impact how fast your account grows. 

So, what makes up a good Instagram username? In a world where people form impressions in nanoseconds, what can you do to ensure that your username shows you off in the best possible light? 

If you’re a business, your Instagram page is your brand’s home page on social media. If you’re a content creator, your Instagram username is what you’ll end up being known for. People will remember you by your username more so than your actual name. 

So – without further ado, let’s discuss how you can come up with a great username. Later in the topic, we will also discuss how you can buy inactive Instagram usernames if the handle you want is taken but inactive. 

Tip #1 – Easy to Spell

This would be the most important tip of all. You must always make sure your username is easy to spell. Nothing is a bigger turn-off than looking up a username that you don’t know how to spell. There are a billion users on Instagram. And, in the sea of usernames of all shapes and sizes, the one thing you should ensure is that you are easy to find. 

So – how do we make a username’easy to spell’? Well, for one, make sure to avoid special characters and numbers if possible. Your username will be hard to spell and remember if it is riddled with special characters. I mean, what do you think is easier to spell and remember? @traveltheworld or

Think of this. Imagine two friends having coffee and talking about an Instagram account they love.”Hey! Check out this account @traveltheworld – it’s amazing!”

Now, think of this, “Hey, check this account, @travel_the_world (spoken as travel underscore the underscore world).”

Can you see how hard it is to even talk about usernames that are hard to spell? If you want to become big enough of a page that people talk about you in conversations, then nothing is more crucial than having a username that is neat and clean – and easy to spell. 

Tip #2 – Clarity over Cleverness

We are a big fan of clarity. If you had to choose between clarity and creativity, you should always go for clarity. Why? Well, because you don’t want to create confusion. When your audience is making split-second decisions of looking for you – being creative can be a big bummer. 

If you’re a brand, get a username that exactly matches your brand name. And this would most likely be also what your domain is too. Don’t get too creative. @pinebox is better and more straightforward than @wearepinebox if your brand name is ‘Pine Box’ and if you own

If you are an individual, then chances are you’d either go with a username that includes your name. Or you’d use one that is relative to your niche. And, of course, a mix of both would work too. Even in this case, go for clarity over cleverness. Meaning, if you’re a page solely focusing on vegan recipes, then the username @veganrecipes would be more relatable than @foodismypassion

In short, if you’re an individual or content creator, make sure you have a username that immediately communicates what it is that you exactly do. Of course, if you’re a well-established brand, then stick with your exact brand name. Avoid creativity, suffixes, prefixes at all costs.

Chances are, the username you’d like is already taken. Instagram has over a billion active users, and everyone has most likely already come up with a name that you think you’ve just created out of thin air. But – wait, there is a silver lining to this problem. If the username that you’d like is taken but inactive, you can always have it claimed. In short, you can buy inactive Instagram usernames to match your brand identity by simply hiring a social media agency to run a claim request for you. More on this later. 

Tip #3 – Memorable 

So far – we have a username that is easy to spell and clear. Now, what else can we do? Well, this is where you can bring the creative hero within you. Of course, this would not apply to brands as those should exactly match your company name and domain. 

For content creators and niche pages – this is where the fun begins. As long as you make sure that your username is easy to spell and clear, you can focus on adding a splash of creativity. 

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Think of names like @cookwithryan or @theblondeabroad – these are names that are creative but immediately convey what they do. In other words, just by reading the username, you know very clearly what the page is about. There is no confusion. And, of course, it is easy to spell too. 

So, adding your niche to your username can do wonders. Of course, you may choose to add your name to it, too, if that works for you. Another great example would be @linustechtips – just by the username, you know the person’s name is ‘Linus,’ and the page is about ‘tech tips.’ It’s clear immediately, leaving no room for any confusion whatsoever. 


In all, if you make sure you employ the above three tips to your naming, you’d have a username that is easy to find, easy to remember, and one that leaves no room for confusion. If you’re a brand, you have a name that matches exactly that. In this way, people looking for your brand will search for it by your name, and you’ll be right there, at the right place and time. 

If you’re an individual with a clear name that also communicates your niche, your page will have an easier time growing as people will instantly know what your page is about. 

So – what do we do if you like a username that is taken but inactive? I mean, it’s just sitting there. It’s a username that would work perfectly for your business or personal brand. And whoever has registered it isn’t even using it? Well, let me introduce you to a way you can buy inactive Instagram usernames. Social media companies have the ability to claim inactive usernames via their media partnership relations at Facebook and Instagram. So – if you want to get a username that is taken and inactive, it’s not the end of the world. All you’d need is a reliable social media agency that can claim the username on your behalf. 

And, well, that’s all for today! We hope these tips help you come up with the perfect Instagram username!