How to Use a Crypto Trading Platform: Tips and Tricks

It’s no secret that cryptocurrencies have been on a massive bull run since the beginning of 2018. Even though most currencies are still in their infancy, they’re believed to be here to stay. Whether you want to make some extra money from your crypto holdings or take advantage of this new market, the chances are you might need to use a crypto trading platform.

But how do you use these platforms? What’s the best strategy for making revenue? Well, we’ve put together this article with all of the insider knowledge necessary for success, as well as some helpful tips and tricks. Read on below!

What’s a Cryptocurrency Trading Platform?

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of how to use a crypto trading platform, it’s crucially important to understand what it is that you’re dealing with entirely. To put it simply, cryptocurrency trading platforms allow you to trade your assets for other tokens and coins while also allowing you to convert one currency into another. They are designed to be trustworthy to protect their users and generally provide reasonable prices. 

What You Need to Know About Crypto Trading Platforms

Before you start trading on any particular platform, you need first to be confident that the platform is legitimate and secure. Although every platform should provide transparency and clarity, there are still risks involved when dealing with digital currencies. This means that you want to ensure that the cryptocurrency exchange platform you’re using is trustworthy and has a good reputation. Here are the key things to look for before making a choice:

  • Trust: The most crucial factor in selecting a cryptocurrency exchange is trust. While most platforms should have a solid reputation, some can be less trustworthy than others because of a lack of transparency or experience within the industry. For this reason, it’s essential to check the website of the platform you intend on using and see what their official team says about them. INX is a platform that can be trusted, as we have been around for many years. With this crypto trading platform, you’ll be able to trade from many popular currencies. It is a secure platform and has a reliable reputation.
  • Transparency: If you’re going to use any platform, you should ensure that the information they provide is entirely transparent. This means that their terms of service and privacy policy are available for users to verify. This ensures that potential investors know exactly what they are getting into before taking specific actions. A reputable exchange should also want to retain a positive reputation. By reviewing their website, you get an idea of how fair they are in all content-related areas.
  • Privacy: To ensure that you aren’t at risk of getting hacked, it’s essential to consider whether the platform you intend on using keeps your personal information private. For this reason, you should always check the privacy policies related to any cryptocurrency exchange and ensure that they are not leaking their users’ data. This is especially important if you’re looking to use a cryptocurrency trading platform for day trading or short-term purposes.
  • Liability: As with anything involving cryptocurrency, there is a risk of losing money. Because of this, it’s vital that any platform fully discloses any potential risks associated with their service before deciding on whether or not to use them. For this reason, it’s essential to read through the terms and conditions of each exchange you’re considering to make sure that they provide good information about their service.

While these factors may seem like an obvious choice when making your decision, some traders are still likely to overlook them.

How to use a Cryptocurrency Trading Platform?

While there are many strategies that you can use to gain the upper hand in any market, it is generally best to stick with a tried and tested method when it comes to crypto trading. To put it simply, the best way to make money on cryptocurrency is through Day Trading. However, this is not as easy as many people believe. This is because cryptocurrencies are highly volatile assets, and no one can predict how they will react in a down market.

Because of this, it’s vital for anyone looking to make money from day trading only to take calculated risks. With that in mind, here are some great tips for how to use a cryptocurrency trading platform:

  1. Know thy exchange – Before you start trading on any crypto exchange, you need to research. When using an exchange for the first time, make sure that you are familiar with everything they offer. This means looking into their fee structure and ensuring that they can handle your timeframe.
  2. Practice makes perfect – If you’re new to day trading, it’s vital to ensure that you get plenty of practice before putting real money on the line. For this reason, it is advisable to use a demo account or paper trading before ever investing in an asset under natural conditions. By practicing frequently and understanding how the market works, it’s possible to increase your chances of making profits.
  3. Stay cool under pressure – While cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, it’s important to remember that the markets have gone down in the past and will likely do so again. This is one of the most widely documented characteristics of digital currencies. Because of this, you should approach every trade with a calm head and try to remain focused on your strategy. If you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s easy to panic when prices start dropping, and you end up making rash decisions. Instead, you should focus on your individual goals and remember that the market comprises other traders who can make mistakes just like anybody else.
  4. Trading on Propensity – As mentioned above, human behavior heavily drives the markets. Therefore, you should make sure that you use your propensities when trading. By doing this, it’s possible to take advantage of patterns and trends within the market and increase your chances of making profits without taking unnecessary risks.
  5. Never rush into returns – If you’re looking to make money from day trading, it’s essential to take your time and be patient with your investments. This is because cryptocurrencies are highly volatile assets that move in unpredictable ways. For this reason, you should never attempt to liquidate or short them because there is always the chance that they will go down further than you expect.

These tips are just a tiny amount of the knowledge you need to use a cryptocurrency trading platform. If you want to gain a competitive edge in this field, you must research.


By understanding both the pros and cons of each platform and implementing some of the tips provided above, you can take your chances and start making money from day trading. We wish you all the luck with your endeavors.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or need any support regarding dealing with cryptocurrency trading platforms, please don’t hesitate to leave your comments below. We will do our best to help you! As we always say, the best way to learn is through practice and interaction with others.