Important Points for Michigan Online Casinos in 2022

Michigan is home to 14 online casinos offering both websites and mobile app gambling. They operate under the Michigan Gaming Control Board regulations to ensure they strictly follow the rules. They offer a variety of games, such as online slots, live dealer games, sports betting, online poker, and table games. 

It is now close to three years since online gambling became legal in Michigan. This is the second year since online gambling in the state officially began. Here are key points for the sector to remember. 

The earliest bills before 2019

Michigan online casino industry predictions show the industry will continue to record positive growth until 2030. The current successes didn’t come easily, but the industry went through a struggle to ensure online gambling was legalized. 

The first bill was introduced in April 2016 by Senator Mike Kowall. If passed, it would allow online betting operations by both tribal and commercial casinos. Unfortunately, the bill didn’t succeed after the Senate rejected it in December 2016. 

In 2017, Senator Kowall returned with several proposals, but Representative Brandt Iden advanced fast with a different bill. Michigan’s land-based casinos were supporting the launching of online casinos, but they had issues with Iden’s bill. In the meantime, Kowal’s retirement was approaching fast. 

With a few adjustments, the bill was taken to the Senate, which passed it before Christmas 2018, but Governor Rick Snyder returned it to the house. More adjustments were made, and Iden reintroduced it in March 2019. It was passed in December and was signed into law. 

2020 to 2021

Sports betting was ready to begin at various online casinos by March 2020. Other products would start later, some of which would allow earning from video games by gamblers. Unfortunately, the pandemic struck, and all plans were held until January 2021, when online gambling officially started in Michigan. 

Commercial and tribal casinos launched their online gambling products in 2021, including FireKeepers iCasino and Gun Lake online casino. Play Gun Lake’s bonuses include a 100% match-up for new players who deposit up to $750. 

Live dealer games started only in July 2021. The online casinos were by now recording massive profits and growing fast. The casinos are required to apply for five-year licenses and pay a $50,000 application fee. The initial license fee costs $100,000, and the annual renewal fee is $50,000.