Is Exness Scam or Legit Forex Broker?

If you are a forex trader, this question also runs inside your head about whether exness is an online scam or a legitimate forex broker. There are mixed reviews on the eligibility on Exness that makes a trader confuse. Firstly, exness is not a recent forum. It’s running the business since 2008, even though this fact doesn’t give a shred of exclusive evidence about the Exness eligibly. 

But before you make any conclusion, read this article as today we will share some exact reasons why Exness is a legitimate forex broker and a reliable trading source.

So stay tuned with us.

Professionals like to choose Exness

From what I have observed, Professionals forex traders like to work more on Exness than newbies because Exness offers easy and most exemplary trading conditions to Professionals. In addition, Exness doesn’t believe in providing a random bonus to beginners. Therefore, inexperienced people in this field or scammers stay away from this reliable online trade source. 

Exness is a Business Hub

The chances of Exness is a scammer company is low as they are running a huge business which adds responsibility on their shoulders to offer reliability to their users. Exness bonus trades approximately 785 billion dollars per month, almost double the trading competitors such as, which makes 400 billion dollars in a month. Thereby, the chances of this business hub being a scammer is very low.

In addition, thousands of traders are running their operations on Exness, and therefore, they have built a lot of trust in this online forex trading. Thereby, Exness is a legit forex broker. Furthermore, Exness publishes all of its financial achievements and records on its website, accessible to you all time. Do you think by providing this crucial they’ll try to scam you?

Exness forex regulations 

Forex regulations play a vital role in the security of online or offline brokers. Through Forex regulations, higher financial authorities keep a check on trade standards. Thereby, two highly trusted bodies FCA and CySEC, regulates Exness forex. Moreover, if you have an Exness account, you have full access to Exness protection that ensures you run online trade safely.

Even if you ever got scam by Exness, a hypothetical situation, then total compensation will be given to you, and regulatory bodies will punish Exness.

Exness provides you with instant Withdrawal

After making a successful trade, you’ll wish to withdraw your fund as soon as possible. And Exness provides you with the same facility. Exness process your Withdrawal instantly without the involvement of any human resource. Thereby, Exness has the fastest withdrawal speed among all the online forex traders. To confirm this point, you can withdraw your money from other forex houses, and you’ll know how long they take to transact your funds. Thereby, Exness works as a Legit forex broker.

Dedicated workers support Exness operations

Exness has various departments such as sales, partnership, marketing, and supports staff allotted for every country where Exness is running its operations. Another facility provided by Exness operates its functions in English, which is universally applied everywhere. But if you’re not fluent in English, then asking for support from the Exness department requires time and seems like a complicated process. Therefore, we do not recommend Exness to people who are not good at English.

Exness doesn’t require any minimum deposit

Exness offers four different types of accounts to you. You can select any one of them as per your trading strategy. However, two of them are Mini, and cast account, which mostly suits beginners allows them to trade forex without minimum deposit. Thereby, Exness backup you earn from this online platform and push you to robot and broker selling through this facility. By offering such outstanding services, Exness proves itself to be a genuine forex market.

Exness offers you with lowest spreads

Deloitte audits 25% of the property of Exness. That’s why all the information shared on the Exness website is 100% correct. If you compare spreads of others trading and forex markets, Exness offers you the lowest spreads in the world’s six top currencies. For instance, Exness only takes 0.5 pip for EURUSD. And if you have an Exness ECN account, you have to pay only 2.5 dollars for every lot. 

Although, these spreads had done on general studies. Thereby, these statics can change if you’re trading in different currencies. However, Exness allows the lowest spreads in all popular currency pairs. Therefore, in my opinion, Exness is not a scammer site, but it’s the most helpful site available to you.

Exness allows you with an Unlimited Leverage

If you’re newbies at forex trading, then high leverage sounds risky to you. But if you ask any professional forex traders, they think high leverage allows them to invest more, and it is much safer. So, if you deposit the same fund as you did before, set your order size, you’ll come to know that high leverage is the safer option. 

In addition, Exness allows you to trade forex with unlimited leverage. So this will mean you have to pay 0$ dollars on your win margin. Yes, you run your order for more time. And you will have full access to your earned money. Facilities like this prove that Exness is helping you become good at online trading, and it is a legit forex forum for you.

The Bottom Line

We have all the reasons why Exness is a legit forex broker, not an online scam. You know now that Exness is a trading hub. It has some strict security regulations. You can instantly withdraw your fund if you’re sensing something is wrong, and they allow you to trade without any minimum deposits.

In addition, as we have discussed, Exness spreads are the lowest, and Exness you to work with forex markets with unlimited leverage. Therefore, if you ask me, then Exness breaks all the accusations of being an online scammer. Instead, Exness is the safest, reliable, and best online forex trading forum available.