Learn How To Play Solitaire Card Games Online

Solitaire is one of the most engaging card games you would find. But its origin remains unknown, with earliest records suggesting that solitaire was a card game in Northern Europe and Scandinavia. It is also called ‘Patience’. This game was popularised by Microsoft in the 1990s, and it continues to stay popular among those who play solitaire card games

Today, one can play solitaire card games easily, that too in its different forms such as spider, most popular form klondike, Yukon, scorpion, Algerian, Freecell and a lot more. Gamezz online is one such platform, where you can play many kinds of solitaires for free in 1 suit, two suits, and four suits variety, and rewarded for the same. 

What is solitaire?

That’s a genuine question for those who get confused with so many card games available online. Therefore, let’s clear some basics first. 

A deck of cards consists of 52 cards. These are available in two colours, i.e. red, and black. These cards are of four varieties, i.e. spade, diamond, club, and hearts. Two of these categories are in red, and the remaining two is in black. 

The earliest and most popular form of solitaire online is Klondike, which uses a deck of cards, i.e. 52 cards. It is a one-person game, but in different varieties of solitaire, multiple players can participate. It is a form of recreational card game that you can play online also. 

What is online solitaire? 

In times of the digitized world, most card games are also available online. You don’t have to keep multiple decks of cards physically in intact condition all the time. Play solitaire card games online, as they are as fun to play as offline card games. Now you can play on your laptop/mobile, any other device with access to the internet. You can play Klondike, Yukon, scorpion, Algerian, FreeCell and a lot more games. 

How to play solitaire card games? 

There are three components of the klondike solitaire game. 

  • Empty foundation: 4 empty foundation blocks (13×4=52). 
  • Tableau: This consists of 7 columns, with each column having one card more than the previous column (1,2,3,4,5,6,7). Only the last card in each column is kept face-up. While arranging the cards, the rest are kept face-down.
  • Stockpile: These are the cards left, that you got after arranging the cards in Tableau. ( 52- (7+6+5+4+3+2+1))=24.

Here is how you Play solitaire card games in Klondike: 

  • Ace is the card that comes at the bottom, then it is followed by 2,3,4…, and so on. 10 cards is followed by Jack, Queen, and King Card stays on the top. 
  • On each empty foundation block, one arranges this kind of sequence of cards. Remember each block is for one type of card i.e. spade, diamond, heart, and club. Therefore, in a foundation block where you kept the Ace of diamond, the rest of the cards can be from diamond only. 
  • In the stockpile section, there is a blank area. One can only keep the King card there. In fact, in all blank spaces that you make, only the King card can be kept, and the rest of the cards attached will stay with the king card.
  • In the stockpile section, you can arrange cards starting from King of cards, followed by Queen of cards, Jack of Cards, 10 of card and so on until the Ace.
  • While arranging these cards, you can keep a red card on a black card, followed by a red card. It has to be a pattern of red and black. Two black cards or two red cards cannot be placed below each other. 
  • The aim is to fill the four foundation blocks, with 13 cards in each block. It has to be only one category of the card in one block. The aim is to do it as fast as possible. The lesser time you took, the better you played. Hope you can easily play solitaire card games online now. 

The benefits you get while you play solitaire card games online

While solitaire is one of the favourite recreational card games available, it is even more popular in its online form. Moreover, ever since it made its online debut, many varieties of solitaire have developed. Therefore, online solitaire is more fun than its offline version here are some benefits you must take a look at:

  • Gamezz offers the fastest loading version of multiple solitaire games online. You won’t need to download anything as an extension. In fact, at this time when every site asks for registration and email ids, you can play solitaire card games for free, without any email id or a registration in return. A mobile-friendly user interface makes it even better.
  • There are many versions available. Play spider suit 1, solitaire klondike, spider 4 suits, spider 2 suits, Yukon, 3 card klondike, scorpion, 52 card addiction, double klondike, Algerian patience, 36 card addiction, and a lot of other versions available online. 
  • You can’t do anything that you can’t reverse. When you play solitaire card games, in almost every game, there are 80-90% chances of winning. The 10-20% of the game ends in a deadlock because of one move made wrong. Undo any move any time you want, and come back to your winning game. 
  • Practice makes a player perfect! You can track all your moves here. How many moves you played, how much time you took, how much time you passed through the deck and so on. With these provided, you can easily track your game and be competitive in Solitare.
  • Design, Animation, and sounds. These three elements make any card game fun. Get all of it here on this platform when you play solitaire card games. The cards are clean, the animation is engaging, and the font is easy to read. No more bottlenecks in your fast performance!
  • The online platform nowadays is perfect and device friendly. Be it a laptop, mobile or tablet, you can play in all of them. Be it landscape or portrait mode, you will play just fine. Get started and play solitaire card games now.