Name a Star After Someone- A Gift That Will Sparkle Forever

Do you ever feel overwhelmed when choosing a perfect gift for your loved ones? Giving a gift to your loved ones gives pleasure when you see a broad smile on their face. Even though there are a lot of varieties of gifts online, you still feel like you’re trying to find a perfect gift. Bouquets, cakes, candles, roses are all beautiful gifts. But still, they are monotonous and fail to excite anymore. How about gifting something unique like, name a star aftersomeone? Isn’t it an exciting gift that will be cherished forever? If you are excited to know in detail about star naming, then let’s dive in to get more information. 

What is Star Naming?

You probably must have heard a lover promising his “someone special” about bringing stars from the sky and giving her as a symbol of his eternal love. Though she knew that he can’t bring the stars from the sky, his words would surely have made her feel special from within. Well, today, even though the lover can’t bring the stars down for his beloved, he surely can name a star after someone special, i.e., his beloved, and prove his love forever. It will be a most heartfelt gift than any other gift in the world. 

Magical names and objects do mesmerize people. They like to own something unique and go the extra mile to create something thrilling that can be cherished forever.  Name a star after someone’s concept gives this exhilarating experience. You give a name to a real star in the sky and can count it as yours. It can be your or your loved one’s favorite name or any numerical combinations that only two special persons know about. The name has some special meaning that shows the sentiments of the persons involved. You form a deep connection between you and the universal object that keeps shining on you with your feelings and heartfelt messages forever. 

 Many online star naming service providers have a database of all the stars in the galaxy along with their coordinates. After you book a star the database acknowledges the booking and gives that star your chosen name. You need to provide the details asked by them and have a star assigned to you with your favorite name. You must know that naming a star doesn’t mean you own that star in real. And don’t imagine that the whole world would recognize the star by your name. The concept is different from that of astronomy. 

How to Name a Star?

Well, it’s quite easy to name a star. Here are the following steps to get a star with your favorite name.

Log in to the star naming website of your choice. 

You need to select a package provided by the star naming website. Then choose the star and the constellation of the star.

You may also be provided the constellation by the service provider according to your location.

Choose a name for the star.

Select a date as per the event. May it be the birth date or any special event like marriage, first date, engagement date, baptism date, etc. You can also select the date from the past or future. The default date is the present date and you can change it anytime before your gift is ready.

Personalize your message with your heartfelt words and emotions and make it very special for your loved ones. As the message is going to be read from the receiver forever. So take an extra effort and pour all your feelings into the message. 

Now you need to submit your delivery options and make the payment. You can pay via credit or debit cards on most sites. 

What do you get after you register to name a star after someone? 

  1. Most of the service providers send you the PDF certificate with your personalized message written on it. 
  2. You will get the exact details of the star so that you can easily find your star at night. 
  3. Most service providers will give you a printed certificate of your star on attractive paper. 
  4. A photobook.
  5. You may also receive Celestial software with beautiful space pictures. If you are a lover of astronomy, you will love this service. 
  6. After you receive the certificate, you can enter the registration number provided to you and can easily find the star that you have selected. You can also get to see the 3D view of the star on their mobile app. 
  7. You also get the option to invite your friends to sign the guest book and drop a message on a unique star page. 
  8. You can also get the certificate framed with some additional charges. 
  9. The recipient also receives a personalized, theme-based gift pack. 
  10. the registration of your star name ensures that no one else can book the same star from their archive.

Hence, in this simple way, you can present a unique and eternal gift to your loved ones. 

Name a Star After Someone is Budget-Friendly

You might think that to name a star after someone will remain only a dream for you. Stars are known to be the most beautiful twinkling little stars that appear like diamonds. As they are so high up in the sky, it might be assumed that naming them too may be expensive. But don’t worry, these services are affordable to everyone. And it won’t take more cash out of your wallet. So go ahead, make your special moments memorable. An eternal and ever-lasting gift is for everyone. 

Unique Packages to Name a Star After Someone

There are various star-naming service providers online. They each offer customized unique packages for you to gift your loved ones. They are according to the theme of the event. Deluxe Gift Pack, Binary Gift Pack, Twins Gift Pack are some of the packages provided by leading star naming providers.