Premium Vape Starter Kits For Beginners In 2021

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The vaping trend is gaining popularity due to some of its recreational purposes. There are plenty of vaping devices with different features, and many people are now looking for stylish vaping gears to suit their needs. 

It isn’t easy for beginners to settle on the type of vape kit they need, and they may end up purchasing a device that does not suit their taste and preference. Therefore, here are some of the best premium vape starter kits available for beginners:

Uwell Caliburn A2

If you have little experience handling vaping gears, the Uwell Caliburn A2 is the best choice. The device has a stylish blend of sublime and splendid performance. This Caliburn vape kit contains an ohm coil that produces moist and huge clouds enabling buyers to enjoy the different colors of their vape juice flavors. Notably, the coils do not require any replacement processes; thus, you don’t have to invest much money in accessory replacement. 

The kit does not have many functions; however, it has one button for fire activation and enabling vaping. Its functions are user-friendly, and buyers do not require any training to use the device. There is also an adjustable wattage that prevents overheating.

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Vaporesso kits

There are plenty of delicious vape flavors to try with desirable features that you can purchase. An example is the Vaporesso target 200, which is water-resistant, so users don’t have to worry about their devices spoiling during harsh weather conditions. The device is also durable and compact, enabling it to last long.

The Vaporesso Zero 2 kit has a leak-resistant technology allowing it to retain all the vape juice present in gear. Besides that, it has a futuristic design that complements the users’ dress code.

Smok Novo 2

For vapers who want petite devices, the Smok Novo 2 is suitable. The pod has a huge battery capacity enabling it to work for long hours before charging it. The kit also features classy resins, which improves its appearance.

The Smok Novo 2 has a coil that produces dense vapor. In case of any damage, you can easily replace its parts.

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Freemax Marcos 60W

The Freemax kit has user-friendly functions like a key lock that prevents any accidental firing for beginners. Besides that, it has a smart chipset combined with a protective button to avoid any dry hit. If the buyer presses the fire button frequently, only the first press will activate the device.

The kit also has a dust and shock-proof resistance, enabling buyers to use it in different weather conditions. It also comes in a small size that fits perfectly in your hand. Furthermore, the vape kit is durable, enabling it to last long since it cannot break easily.

Geekbar Disposable Vape

Vapers who lack much experience in vaping can purchase the Geekbar disposable vapes since they are easy to operate. Users don’t have to handle features like coils and e-liquid, but instead, they only need to focus on taking a puff.

The Geekbar produces a lot of vapor which has an intense flavor. Moreover, it has a nice build in quality, enabling you to carry it in your hand or pocket comfortably. It also brings a mild sensation to your throat, which is very soothing.

GeekVape Aegis Nano

The Aegis Nano has an updated airflow control suitable for buyers using the restricted direct lung method. It also has a user-friendly slide on the back that allows users to adjust the vapor they are producing.

Smok Nord 2

The Smok Nord 2 consists of an advanced chipset that enables high output and produces bigger clouds. It also has an OLED screen that allows users to track their vaping habits and puff count details. Users can adjust their puff parameters to a size that serves them best.

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Other premium Vape Starter kits

  • Xros Mini has a top filing system and a massive battery capacity to serve the users well.
  • Luxe Q contains an adjustable airflow and leak-resistant technology.
  • Swag PX80 has a user-friendly replaceable coil enabling beginners to change their coils independently.
  • Forz Tx80 has waterproof and dustproof designs suitable for different weather patterns and outdoor use.
  • Barr has a stylish design and many airflow options users can pick from
  • OSmall contains a high nicotine delivery allowing users to puff more vapor. It also has a compact design that is simple to use.


Although the vaping process may seem difficult at first, getting the right gear will help you become comfortable while experimenting. The above devices are stylish and user-friendly, which helps beginners get comfortable while embracing the vaping culture. You can research other premium vape starter kits you can buy on the internet. Moreover, you can look for a vape kit expert to guide you on the best gears and accessories.