Reasons Why Stablecoins are So Popular in Cryptocurrency

Stablecoins is another popular cryptocurrency that maintains a definite value for a significant time. Also, its value is pegged with real currency, typically the US dollar. Hence, in this, one unit of a Cryptocurrency trading is equivalent to one unit of a real currency. Furthermore, they are less volatile as compared to Bitcoin as the price doesn’t fluctuate vigorously.

If you want to invest in Stablecoins and other cryptocurrencies, then you must download the Bitcoin Era app. In this article, you will know about different reasons why Stablecoins is emerging as a popular choice in the competitive crypto market. So, read below to know in detail. 

What are Stablecoins? 

To understand it simply, Stalecoin is basically a cryptocurrency, and its value is fixed to a different asset. These assets can be US dollars or even Euro. Even stablecoins can be equivalent to precious metals like gold and silver. However, other assets are also possible in Stablecoins. Also, their primary purpose is to track the assets, so they are backed by those assets they are pegged into. 

Let’s take an example that any organization issuing stablecoins can set up the reserve in any financial institution with an underlying asset. Therefore, a stablecoin can easily hold a massive value of 4100 million in its reserve. Also, it can issue around 100 coins worth $1 per coin with a fixed value. 

Although stablecoins are backed by several hard assets, some may not. So, these stablecoins destroy the coin supply to reduce its availability. As a result, it will help in keeping the value of the stablecoins at a specific value for a long time. 

Reasons Why Stablecoins are Popular 

Therefore, these are the reasons why stablecoins are receiving immense popularity like other Bitcoin and Ethereum. Have a look at them below. 

Adoption of New Type of Money 

Firstly, the increasing popularity of stablecoins will boost the cryptocurrency market significantly. It is due to the increasing adoption of stablecoins for everyday transactions. Several stablecoins provide a guarantee for the redemption of face value. Hence, it means that if you purchase a stablecoin at a value of 10 euros and exchange them with a 10 euro note as well. 

Therefore, it is similar to having a bank account. Hence, the payment mode of stablecoin is another characteristic that makes it attractive. Other several benefits include low prices, speed, and global presence, increasing the demand for stablecoins. 

Smart Contracts

One of the crucial benefits of Stablecoins is that they can also be used by blockchain smart contracts. Therefore, it is not a traditional contract and doesn’t need legal permission for execution. Several parameters for the money transfers are controlled by a software code. 

Furthermore, stablecoins are also used for payments, and businesses can accept such coins as a payment mode. Hence, stablecoins can be programmed in various ways in comparison with dollars. 

Open Banking

Thirdly, open banking is another crucial asset that emerges as a feasible option for the purpose of open banking. Thus, open banking helps in depicting economic systems. In this, the applications for the third party can provide access for controlling financial and banking accounts. 

Money outsourcing becomes easy because there is no central system for monitoring financial transactions. Also, decentralized banking helps financial organizations to operate without any physical presence of a central system efficiently. That’s why these institutions are dependent on third parties for security to reduce potential risks. 

Competitive Market 

Moreover, stablecoins also help the cryptocurrency markets be more competitive. It is because they don’t rely on any fintech companies or centralized banking. Thus, they can easily create their stablecoins using ACH ABI for transactions even internationally. 

Popular Stablecoins

Moreover, stablecoins don’t receive the same hype as other cryptocurrencies even after so many benefits. However, they are expected to receive a considerable reputation in the upcoming years. Some of the popular stablecoins are as follows. 

  • Terra USD
  • Tether 
  • USD Coin


In conclusion, stablecoins are slowly gaining momentum like other popular cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin. There are still some risks involved in investing in them, but if you want to explore the crypto market, then you must have significant knowledge about stablecoins.