Steps On ‘How To Make Pdf Editable’

A pdf can be edited through an online tool called a pdf editor online. If you want to learn how to make pdf editable, then read on. Online tools like PDF simpli help in editing, converting, splitting, merging, compressing, watermarking, rotating and signing pdf files. Due to the increase in online mode of work, education, and business. People need reliable tools to manage and edit their files online. Most official documents, notes, and other information containing files are created in a pdf format. It is the easiest format to read the documents since it cannot be edited when clicked on the page. Pdf viewing is similar to reading a paper. Since there are no inbuilt tools available in pdf software, you need a pdf editor online to edit your pdf files. 

What Is A Pdf? 

A pdf is a portable document format of file that contains information such as a text or pictures. Most books, forms, letters, notices, notes, and printable information containing texts are made in a portable document format. The main reason for using this format is because a portable document format provides the flexibility to be saved in your device and carried and accessed anywhere. The portable document format files only need the internet while downloading. After downloading, you can still access the files and read them whenever you want. Since the format is stuck in a book view i.e., all the pages in the file are arranged one after the another, it is easier to read the file. The portable document format can be accessed from any device or operating software. 

Why Do You Need To Edit A Pdf?

When you read a pdf, you might see a mistake and want to correct it. Since the portable document is not editable from the software that you are currently accessing it from, you need the help of a pdf editor online. Here are the reasons why you need to edit your pdf: 

  1. Correct mistakes 

When you are reading a document, it is natural for you to notice some mistakes. If you are collaborating on a group project or working with a team or specifically proofreading for someone else, you can edit and correct the mistakes in the portable document format file. 

  1. Fill in information

You might be required to fill a form that is given to you in a portable document format. To fill the form, or input information required in the portable document format file, you need to edit the file carefully. The editing can be done through a pdf editor online

  1. Sign the document

When signing hard copy documents, you use a pen. While signing soft copy documents in a portable document format file, you need to edit the file and insert your digital signature. In this online era, most deals and business activities are carried out online. So, digital signatures on the forms and certificates are taken online. 

How To Make Pdf Editable

A pdf editor online is the tool required for enabling a portable document format file editable. There are many tools available on the internet to edit your portable document format files. 

Select a tool

You can choose the best tool depending on the size of the file that they allow, the time that they need to convert the portable document format file into an editable portable document format file, and the cost that they are charging for allowing the access to edit the portable document format file. PDF simpli is a tool available online that helps in editing portable document format files. 


After selecting an appropriate tool, you have to upload the portable document format file on the tool’s website. You can click on the upload pdf to edit button. The website will open a window to select the portable document format file. You have to click on the pdf file you want to edit and click on open. The portable document format file will be uploaded and opened on the tool’s website. 


The next step after uploading the portable document format file on the pdf editor online is to finally edit. You can edit the file. The editing can involve any mistake correction, information additions, and signing. You can edit and arrange the pages in the order most suitable for you. You can also delete and add new pages in the portable document format file. You can use the pointer option to drag and edit the icons, pictures, and text in the document. The free text option allows you to add a text box in the portable document format file. You can also replace the existing text through the use of replacing text tool. Important information can be highlighted by text highlighting tools. You can add images in the portable document format file. You can erase an element in the portable document format file by creating a block of white color over the text/image/element you want to delete. You have access to other options such as redact, box, circle, circle stroke, cross, check, pencil, line, arrow, polygon, signature, reset and email attachment features in the pdf editor online. You can also undo and redo your actions while editing the portable document format file. All these features are available to you for editing the portable document format file for a reasonable price in the PDF simpli tool. You can easily learn how to make pdf editable from the PDF simpli tool. 


After editing, you can click on the convert button.


You can either email the edited portable document format file or you can download it directly to your device. 


You can send the edited document to any person and share it across any platform successfully. 

Pdf Editor Online PDF SimpliFor Everyone

You can use PDF Simpli for all your pdf editing needs. Pdf simpli can be used by students, teachers, freelancers, writers, editors, and for official use as well. Everyone who uses portable document format files can make an account on the tool’s website. The website allows 5 users per account. You can get 14 days of full access to the tool for a low price and decide if you want to get the monthly access or not. The website is user-friendly and you can understand how to make pdf editable easily. You can work with your team or group with the use of this tool. You can get a lot more options from the PDF simpli website to edit and manage your portable document files. You get unlimited storage so you can store your important and frequently used files in your account.