Top 5 Online Multiplayer Games

A game does not become popular because it has some extraordinary features but it becomes popular because of how many people play it.

It depends on us how we can transform a simple shooting game into an epic showdown.

That is the key to playing the greatest PC multiplayer games.

But the simple pleasure of engaging with other people binds them all together. These games wouldn’t be the same without a lot of people running about murdering, maiming, or occasionally aiding each other.

This is why today, we are going to discuss the best online multiplayer games that people would love to play this year.

Top 5 Online Multiplayer Games

Before we start off with the list, you must know that you can download all of these games from the pirate bay. Once you download these games and start playing, there won’t be anything else to hold you back. 

1: World Of Tanks

Even though World of Tanks was published over 10 years ago, the stunning warfare game has continued to evolve to be one of the finest online multiplayer games. 

With its multinational player base and thriving servers, you should not have trouble finding a squad to play with anytime you feel the need to get inside a tank and blow things up.

The simple game mechanics lend themselves well to diverse playstyles, whether you prefer brute force combat or a more strategic approach. 

You can immediately destroy all opposing tanks with overwhelming artillery fire, or if you prefer a more covert strategy, you can surely find a way inside your opponent’s base and capture it from within.

2: Valorant

If you have played CS: GO before, you will acknowledge the gameplay of Valorant because here, also the teams of five players begin assaulting and defending one another, and they switch roles when they are halfway in the game.

Players will also get to buy weapons at the beginning of individual rounds, earning cash depending on their performance in the round before. 

On the other hand, Valorant allows players to choose from a catalog of agents, each with their own set of powers, which they may purchase each round. 

Each of the game’s characters has its own set of pearls and pitfalls because some are good at masquerading the locations, and some are good at coordinating with others.

3:  War Thunder

This is a free multiplayer game online where military vehicles knock one another. 

You may have played these kinds of games before, but no free MMO is close to War Thunder in terms of quality, balance, and the number of vehicles available to acquire. 

The extraordinarily accurate ballistics modeling and simulation game options set this war game apart from its competitors. 

The more you play, the better you’ll get at spotting different sorts of vehicles and exploiting their flaws to win the battle with a single well-placed shot.

4: Among Us

If you haven’t heard of Among Us yet, you’re in for a treat. Last year, the traditional notion of people stabbing each other in the hallways became an overnight sensation, and the social deduction game exploded in popularity. 

A small group of players is assigned as imposters, and they are put in the lobby.  Their job is to murder the naive crewmates without revealing their identities. 

When the crewmates figure out who the imposters are or when the imposters stab the crewmates one after another, the game is over. 

This may be started by hitting a giant red button in the conference room or uncovering a body.

5: Apex Legends

This agile shooting game features all the typical trimmings of the greatest multiplayer games because it has the ability to respawn characters. 

It means that even if your friends are dead, they can come back from the dead to fight by your side.

If you are uncomfortable chatting to people with your microphone, you may still help by pinging adversaries, and even the greatest Apex Legends weaponry you desire would be available to you. 

Players will be able to dig their teeth into a regular supply of Apex Legends’ new games, which will help to keep the battle royale’s unique gameplay fresh every few months.

Start Playing!

Yes, these are the best online games that have become the rave in the past few years.

Once you understand which games will be up to your speed and up to your preference, you can start playing them and be the champion that you were meant to be.

So, if you need more details on them, ask us in the comment section below.