Top 6 Cannabis Edibles You Should Try This Christmas

Christmas is around the corner and, so are all things Christmassy. You might be looking forward to partying with your close pals or simply having a snug Christmas pajama party. Twist your Christmas celebrations this year by offering cannabis edibles to your adult guests. Make cannabis edibles a part of your celebrations that you will offer your friends this season. From cake pops to chocolates, cannabis edibles are sure to add that extra zing and euphoria to your Christmas celebrations. 

This holiday season, try these six cannabis edibles.

  1. Brownies


For most folks, when they think of consuming cannabis edibles, a classic brownie tops the list. Indulge in gooey pot brownies this Christmas while enjoying a euphoric feeling this festive season. Though weed-infused brownies can be bought from stores, baking them at home would also fulfill your fervor around festive baking. So, to make these delicious treats, start by mixing cannabis butter (cannabutter), brown sugar, and unsalted butter into an even smooth consistency. Then, add an egg along with vanilla extract to the mixture. Finally, add flour and make a smooth flowy batter. Pour the batter into a deep baking vessel and bake for about 20 to 25 minutes. Let the baked brownie cool down and, then, indulge in this savory delight. Each bite of the brownie contains about 10mg of weed. The ‘White Widow Bubba Kush strain is ideal for making brownies.

If you have a kitchen garden, cultivating marijuana plants at home might be convenient.

Moreover, it can be a more hands-on cannabis experience. You can buy marijuana seeds from trusted retailer online or from physical stores nearby.

2. Cake Pops


CBD-infused cake pops are an ideal way of consuming cannabis. If you have a sweet tooth, a delicious cake pop is an ideal festive treat this Christmas. These cake pops are infused with CBD obtained from organically grown hemp. They are loaded on lollipop sticks and can be bought in multiple colors. Most of the cake pops containing CBD are made of chocolate cream and have sweet icing as a topping. The CBD component of the cake pop is rather tasteless. But, after about 15 minutes of consumption, you will start feeling relaxed and calm. If you are tired and have sore muscles, these CBD-laced pops will soothe your aching muscles.

3. Gummies


Looking for portable sugary treats on the go this Christmas? Then, do try CBD and THC-infused gummies. Gummies are chewy and small gelatin pieces of candy. These edibles are available in varied shapes, such as cubes and spheres. But, as the name suggests, gummy bears are the most popular form of cannabis edibles. This Christmas, indulge in many shapes and flavors, such as rainbow bites and gummy worms.

If you want to consume cannabis in low but sustained doses, then gummies are the most preferred way of ingesting them. Most of these gummies come with full-spectrum hemp extract, containing many cannabinoids that can be obtained from the cannabis plant.

Gummies are ideal as edible cannabinoids as they gradually melt to deliver THC to the blood. These gummies enable your body to relax while helping you drift off to sleep.

4. Chocolates


Who wouldn’t want to indulge in a succulent bar of chocolate this Christmas? Chocolates are the most popular cannabis edibles that you can bite into. Moreover, these chocolate bites are delicious and, you can alter your cannabis dosage easily with them. These cannabis-infused chocolates come without the unpleasant taste associated with weed. These tasty chocolate bars come in an array of flavors and strengths. This Christmas, you can try out a variety of cannabis-laced chocolates such as mint-flavored dark chocolate, almond toffee flavor, and caramelized chocolate marshmallow flavor. If you have any health problems, these chocolate bars are also available in vegan and gluten-free varieties. So folks, enjoy the positive effects of cannabis dark chocolate this festive season.   

5. Mushrooms

Are you looking to consume some innovative cannabis edibles this Christmas? Then, try the CBD chocolate mushrooms, which would give you that ‘euphoric high’ in this festive season. Soothe your soul this Christmas with a delightful tripping experience Christmas by trying out these shrooms with cannabis chocolate. This edible combines psilocybin mushroom extract and cannabis in a chocolate mixture. These cannabis-laced mushrooms offer a fulfilling and pleasant experience having psychoactive characteristics. The synergistic effect of cannabis enhances the potency of shrooms trips while giving relaxation. The shrooms’ psilocybin compounds interact with serotonin to elevate mood and offer a pleasant experience.

6. Honey Sticks

Take your wellness goals a notch higher this Christmas by adding CBD honey sticks to your wellness routine. CBD honey is an ideal way to remain discreet and enjoy simply the euphoric feeling. The naturally sweet honey is mixed with hemp extract and then packed as sticks. These honey sticks can be availed in myriad flavors, such as cherry or blueberry. These portable sticks taste better than an oil tincture and can be easily added to your evening tea or beverage for a relaxed feeling. Each honey stick gives about 10 mg of CBD to promote relaxation and ease any discomfort.


Consuming cannabis edibles instead of vaping or smoking them is ideal for reaping its benefits. Cannabis edibles are metabolized differently in the body and do not affect the lungs, unlike vaping or smoking. When consumed, they take longer to kick in but have a higher potency than weed, which is vaped or smoked. So, this Christmas, take the festive fervor a notch higher by indulging in the varied cannabis edibles listed above with your adult friends.