Top 6 Methods to use Kratom for Your Fitness Goals

Optimum fitness is the goal of many people. However, this hardly comes on a platter of gold. It takes a lot of discipline and doggedness to make this a reality. Indeed, optimum fitness is essential for perfect health. It can keep you fit and reduce the tendency of many diseases. 

Many people resort to supplements in trying to keep up with their fitness goals. One such useful and widely used supplement is kratom. 


Kratom is a plant native to the southeast Asian country. The plant is rich in alkaloids that reward users with immense benefits. As a result, fitness enthusiasts will enjoy the motivation, energy, and everything they need to see their goal to fruition. 

This article will explore six different ways to use kratom for your fitness goals. 

  1. Yogurt

One of the top ways to use kratom before heading out to the field is by adding it to yogurt.  Many people love this method as it helps them mask the earthy taste of kratom while enjoying all it offers without cringing your face at the taste. 

Combining kratom with flavored yogurt can induce a pleasant sensation on the tongue. It is an excellent drink that can power you through the hours of your workout and reward you with focus, energy, and optimum muscle performance. 

Always use high-quality kratom strains, such as Mang Da and Green Malay, for high potency and long-lasting effects. These kratom strains, mainly Green Malay, provide balanced results for up to six hours. You can easily go to best Bulk Kratom Vendors Online or from leading kratom suppliers.

  1. Kratom-Infused Foods

Kratom is a perfect match for almost every type of food. Most food items, including parfait, puddlings, and oatmeal, make for a great breakfast meal when mixed with kratom as they hardly affect the alkaloid component. 

However, avoid edibles like flour or jam as they don’t blend well with kratom. Besides, you need to be careful and exercise patience when mixing the dose with kratom. Start with a small amount and increase with time. 

Over time, you will get the perfect kratom to food ratio as you attempt the various recipes. Consuming such kratom-infused foods can keep you on track to achieving your fitness goal. 

  1. Capsules

For people who do not like the taste of kratom, taking kratom in capsule form is a terrific alternative. The smell and taste are not too potent, although it might still retain the flavor of kratom. 

Capsules help coat the kratom powder so you can bypass the taste. They also serve as vessels for the kratom powder. Moreover, kratom capsules are effective for people who want to keep a tab on the dosage they take. With this consumption method, the effect might take a while to manifest. As a result, it is essential to take it early if you want to exercise. 


  1. Toss-and-Wash Method

Another method to consume kratom for your fitness goal is the toss and wash approach – one of the most common and widely used methods of kratom consumption. Many kratom fans are used to this method as it involves raw powder consumption. You only need to measure the dose, pour it into your mouth, and drink water, juice, or any non-carbonated beverage. 

This method is pretty effective and will ensure you experience the effect while going about your fitness activities. However, for an occasional user, ensure you divide the portion into two as swallowing a huge lump might make you throw up.

  1. Add Kratom to a Beverage 

Another effective way to use kratom is to drink it with water. This method is different from the toss and wash approach as it involves mixing kratom powder in liquid before consuming. All you have to do is add the specific kratom dose to water, mix well, and drink, making it a simple and effective method. However, we recommend adding it to beverages like coffee or orange juice for people looking to bypass kratom’s bitter taste. Ensure to mix it well to mask the taste. 

You can try to use various drinks until you get the one that works for you. This method is effective when the powder mixes thoroughly with the particles of the juice. You can also consider adding it to smoothies as kratom combines well with the fruits in a smoothie. In the absence of a smoothie, consider using a milkshake. The milkshake’s protein content and kratom will also reward you immensely as you go about your time on the field.

  1. Boil Kratom Leaves

The kratom leaves are highly stable and stand out for their excellent properties, especially those trying to stay fit. For hundreds of years, the indigenous Southeast Asian countries have chewed on the leaves, ground them to powder, and boiled them in tea.

Drinking kratom tea provides a quick and easy way to enjoy the many benefits of kratom. You can either consume it hot or make ice teas. When the leaves are heated, it releases many of its potent alkaloids, which provide the energy and motivation you need on the field. 

This way, the alkaloids get into the bloodstream faster, and you reap the effect. Interestingly, hot water does not affect or damage the alkaloids present in kratom. Besides, the alkaloids are stable in extreme temperatures, so you can sip a cold kratom tea before heading out to the field. 



As you try to accomplish your fitness goal, you can use kratom as a supplement to support. This article has discussed various ways to use kratom. Identify your ideal method and incorporate it into your lifestyle to enjoy optimum fitness.