Wedding Cake Strain

Wedding Cake is a rare phenotype made by crossing Triangle Kush with Animal Mints. Wedding Cake got its name from the sparkling resin that created a cake frosting appearance and the rich vanilla aroma that accompanies this blend. Interestingly, the same stain is known as Pink Cookies in Canada.

The Wedding Cake Strain is a High-THC Indica-dominant hybrid with a relaxing yet euphoric effect. It is a classic sedative strain, providing appetite enhancement and sleep improvement along with a warm, fuzzy high.


Indica Dominant Hybrid: 60% Indica / 40% Sativa 

Wedding Cake is a high-THC hybrid strain that is heavily Indica dominant. Expect to feel relaxed in a way that can trend toward sedative and sleep aid, with a dash of euphoria that acts as a mood lifter.

This strain is popular among medical patients and should be approached with caution by those with a low tolerance or who are new to cannabis.

Wedding Cake Experience

Relaxing, Sedative, and Euphoric

Most have described Wedding Cake as calming, relaxing, and euphoric. Like most strains named after baked goods, Wedding Cake is an appetite enhancer that can help you both want food and to better enjoy the experience of eating. The “entourage” effect provides a warm and comfortable sensation that can ease both anxiety and physical pain.

Wedding cake provides a body high and can act as a euphoric sedative, making it beneficial for those with physical ailments including MS. At the same time, the uplifting mood effects may be beneficial to those with depression-associated symptoms. Those with insomnia may find that Wedding Cake provides the necessary relaxation and dream suppression necessary for a better night’s sleep if enjoyed before bed.

Wedding Cake Awards

Best Hybrid Flower and Strain of the Year

Wedding Cake has won more than a few awards as a truly enjoyable and powerful strain. In 2018, Wedding Cake won the Best Hybrid Flower 1st prize in the SoCal High Times Medical Cannabis Cup for its relaxing and pain-relieving effects. This strain is a favorite among medical patients looking to relax and escape from chronic discomforts, anxieties, or depression. As an uplifting sedative, Wedding Cake is a valuable part of the medical cannabis selection.

In 2019, Wedding Cake continued to increase in popularity and was named the Leafly Strain of the Year. Leafly is a well-respected source of cannabis information with many thousands of users adding to their database of experiential knowledge and popularity polls.

Growing Wedding Cake

9 Weeks Indoor/Outdoor

Wedding Cake can be grown indoors or outdoors, though is typically cultivated inside by intermediate to advanced growers. It produces a consistently high amount of resin which is part of what gives the buds their frosted cake appearance, and an average-sized yield per plant per harvest. This strain has been known to grow excessive orange hairs. The fluffy fresh buds often feature pink and purple coloring, which is why they may have been deemed Pink Cookies by the Canadians.

Wedding Cake plants typically flower between 7 and 9 weeks, favoring the 9-week mark. If grown outdoors as a seasonal crop, Wedding Cake will typically complete flowering and be ready for harvest somewhere between September through October.

Wedding Cake is a great strain if you’re looking to kick back, enjoy a meal, or catch a good night’s sleep. Popular with the medical community, anyone can enjoy an evening or lazy afternoon with a gram of Wedding Cake buds or distilled Wedding Cake concentrates. In bud form, you can smell a strong aroma of vanilla and taste a little vanilla with each terpene-rich hit. Enjoy the high THC content and the dreamy, uplifting mood effects as you drift into a vanilla-iced daydream.