What are the types of cannabis strains available at Online Dispensary?

Weeds or marijuana are the words used interchangeably for the flowers, stems, or seeds of cannabis. The main ingredient of cannabis is 9 Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). It is a psychoactive component as well as it can alter your cognitive functioning, mood, and cognizance. CBD is known for its relaxation effect and have no psychoactive effect like THC. 

The weed type which tends to be stronger has a high ratio of THC: CBD. While there are only two strains of Cannabis still there are hundreds of hybrid strains of Cannabis are available all around us. 

Types of Strains of weed- 

Sativa and indica are the kinds of cannabis strains that are very famous. Indica is best known for its relaxing effect and Sativa is best known for its energizing effect. Some other famous strains are purple kush, blue dream, and sour Diesel. Hybrids offer both energizing and relaxing effects to the users and are quite more effective. 

Difference between sativa and indica

1. Cannabis Indica- 

Cannabis Indica word is taken from “kush.” The name comes from mountainous climates, cold, and the plant appears to have short and bush-like. The leaves of the plant are dark, rounder, and fuller than the Sativa strain. Buds of indica grow into clumps.  

C. indica offers high THC and low CBD this is the reason it is regarded as a strong weed among others.  It has to sedate and relaxing effect and some people use it to hang out on a couch. It is also best before going to bed so that you can have good sleep and this is the reason people with insomnia rely on this strain of weed. 

2. Cannabis Sativa- 

Cannabis sativa came from the warm climate of South Africa and Mexico and this plant grows tall and has thin leaves. It flowers in particular light conditions and needs darkness for 11 hours every day. 

Sativa tends to have low THC and high CBD levels. This strain offers energizing effect and so people have it in the morning or afternoon. Also, people claim that consuming it to focus and become creative. Apart from that C. Sativa is also known for making head high. Since Sativa helps to lift mood and energize many people with depression and exhaustion use this strain. 

We hope that you might have understood the difference between the two strains of cannabis and how it affects the body and mind. If you are planning to buy it then an online dispensary can offer you some great deals. 

Let’s also understand the medical benefits of marijuana in depth. If you are also suffering from same conditions, then you will be can choose any of the weed product to cure your health problems. 

Weed benefits- 

Chronic pain- there are thousands of studies made on Cannabis to reveal its medical benefits. The researchers suggest that using marijuana is very useful in treating chronic pain and as per another studies it is found that around 25 million people suffer from chronic pain. Therefore, using weed by persons suffering from chronic pain is beneficial as it offers Relief. 

Addiction and alcoholism- 

There are other studies where it is said that using weed can help with alcoholism and addiction. The users of weed however may get addiction of weed if they continuously rely on it for long of take high dosage. Also, it can risk your health when consumed more dose then required. 


There is evidence of research that suggest that medical marijuana helps improve sleep and people suffering from insomnia when consume weed before going to bed they can have better sleep. 

Depression and anxiety- 

The people suffering from depression and anxiety can consume weed as it will help them feel better and boost their mood. It is however important to note that the users can benefit from weed only when they consume it in specific quantity. Consuming more can worsen the depression so be careful. 

The importance of CBD products in helping relieve stresses, tensions and anxiety have been well-documented by individuals as well as medical experts. Make sure that you are able to check out the dosage requirements before trying the products. If you want some early bird discounts on great CBD products, make sure that you try Cheefbotanical coupons


Many studies suggest that weight loss due to cancer can be treated by weed. You can also treat nausea and vomiting symptoms of chemotherapy. It also helps retard growth of cancerous cells and other Symptoms. 

Other benefits- 

Apart from these benefits people can benefit from weed and treat hair loss problem, skin problems, arthritis, and AIDS symptom. 

How many types of products are available for weed? 

When you step in the online store you will be surprised to see various products. You will find traditional buds or flowers in different strain. You will also find sprays, tinctures, edibles like cookies, and bars, capsules, distillate, vape oils, etc. 

People who prefer to not to care about taste go for the options like capsules. Whereas people who love to use it for recreation go for the flowers. Someone who wants good taste as well as want to feel high rely on edibles are they are very delicious and can be eaten directly. Other than that someone who wants fast effect and can bear little bit taste of cannabis can go with tincture. 

Different types of weed products will give different effects and their effects may last longer or for short periods. For long lasting effect edibles are best while for quick effect you can smoke weed. The users can check laws regarding use of ganja for recreational or medical use before getting it from online shop so that later they don’t face any problems. 

Bottom line-

Also, buy weed from the online dispensary opens you to the world of various Cannabis products. Your choices are not limited and you can find anything from edibles to distillates and much more. Depending on how want to consume them and what you need from them you can buy weed. You can use them in small doses if you are not used to taking weed. If you have any health problems and you are using weed to treat them then you must consider taking advice from the doctor.