What disadvantages might there be in using an electric skateboard?

Electric skateboards have become fashionable among people from all walks of life. Yet, few of those know about the pros and cons of the electric skateboard. In this article, we will describe the disadvantages of the electric skateboard. It will enhance your understanding of electric skateboards. If you wish to buy an electric skateboard, you can go there.

1. Weather

To drive an electric skateboard, you need good weather. You can not ride on a skateboard in a rainy environment.

So, there is a level of uncertainty on whether you can use a skateboard depending on whether. Besides that, many electric skateboards are not water-resistant. Thus, rain can cause serious harm to those electric skateboards.

2. Safety concerns

There are safety concerns regarding skateboarding. Fast and careless skateboarding can result in serious bodily injury. Even though new riders usually fall from skateboarding when they ride t rapidly, it can also occur with skilled riders.

It was not always about your proficiency. Sometimes you can face problems when riding on rough terrain even though you are a skilled rider.

Thus, you should always have a cautious approach while riding on the skateboard. You should also wear a hamlet and other safety gear during your ride.

3. Need of electricity

Electric skateboard, as its name suggests, needs electricity. More specifically, you require a place to charge your skateboard.

You can face a severe problem when your skateboard’s battery becomes empty in the middle of the road. It is not easy to find a place to charge your skateboard in that situation.

You will still lose valuable time even if you find a charging place since electric skateboards take substantial time to charge. You should purchase some exchangeable batteries to face this kind of situation.

4. Carrying problem:

Carrying an electric skateboard is not so simple. Some skateboards are hard to move because of their excessive weight. At the same time, other skateboards become a problem because of their extra size.

If you are a working person, you must carry your electric skateboard to your workplace. It can take up valuable space in your working area.

Electric skateboard also has some shortcomings compared to your bike. Unlike your bike, you can not lock your skateboard. Some skateboards weigh 10 kg. This excessive weight can cause difficulties for some people.

5. Price:

If you want a quality electric skateboard, you need to spend money. You can buy cheap skateboards, but you will not get quality from them. 

Some quality electric skateboards are costly. Those skateboards can have a price of around $500 to $2000. However, you only need electricity to run an electric skateboard. So, in the long run, you can say it is justifiable to buy an electric skateboard at a high price.

6. Weak Motor Power

One of the cons of electric skateboards is their weak motor power. Electric skateboard also has a balance problem compared to an electric scooter, especially when riding at high speed.  

7. Risk of Damage

Various parts of the electric skateboard are prone to damage as they are located beneath the board.

While riding on rough terrain, some parts of the skateboard can deteriorate. As a result, this can create a malfunction in the electric skateboard.

So, as a rider, you should select a smooth road to ride on the skateboard. It will prevent damage to the parts of the skateboard.

8. Weight

Electric skateboard is not for everyone.  You should not have excessive weight while riding on the electric skateboard. For example, the electric skateboard is not suitable for people who weigh over 100 kg.

If a bulky person tries to ride on a skateboard, they may face accidents. Their weight can also damage or break the board of an electric skateboard.

Also, a fat person should not ride on a skateboard at high speed. It can cause them to lose balance, leading to serious injury.

9. Battery

It is not a common problem. Riders rarely face issues regarding the battery of skateboards. Nonetheless,  you should always take good care of the electric skateboard’s battery. Otherwise, in the long run, you may face issues. You should always fully charge the battery of your electric skateboard.

You should also provide rest to your electric skateboard. Hence, you should not operate it continuously for a long time. You can also purchase extra exchangeable batteries for emergencies. 

10. Legality

Electric skateboarding is illegal in some countries. In those countries, there are no specific rules regarding skateboarding. 

Some countries don’t differentiate between an electric scooter and an electric skateboard. So, they deem electric skateboards as one kind of electric skateboard.

Yet, we have reason to think that this situation will change in the future. The popularity of electric skateboards across the board will only expand over time. Hence, it will become too big to ignore in the future.

Conclusion :

There are different disadvantages to electric skateboards. Some of those drawbacks are common, while other disadvantages are rare.

We hope this article will make your understanding of electric skateboards more apparent. Hence, you will be able to buy the electric skateboard after properly knowing the pros and cons.