What You Should Know Before Betting on Horse Racing

Have you been betting on horse races, and you’ve been struggling to get the hang of it, and winning has been sparse? Not to worry, you can always improve your winning rate with next-level betting strategies. For instance, if you want to bet on the upcoming Kentucky Derby odds, you can always use these strategies to make better bets.

However, you might need to invest plenty of time and work to execute these strategies. Therefore, it might be pretty tough for casual bettors. But, if you take it seriously, you can start seeing better results from your wagers. Let’s dive right in!

Monitor Form Guides In-depth

Many bettors that participate in horse race betting do not research or do any advanced learning. This is what sets the experts apart from the casual novice bettors. In that case, you should learn how to do your research by looking and learning how to check out and take advantage of what you see in the form guides. 

Form guides or racing forms have plenty of data and information about a particular race, including the participating horses, respective jockeys, and others. Undoubtedly, you won’t get for certain what horse to bet on. However, the information you find on them is enough to make informed guesses on the horse you should back.   

Use Major Winning Run of Horses’ Previous Races

Any horse that has done well in past events, like finishing with five or more lengths ahead of others most likely comes around with a massive boost of energy in its following races. As a result, it can even surpass its previous impressive performances. 

This betting angle is advantageous, especially when you know this information. To find this out, you can watch the horse’s previous performances, making it easier to research and see how the horse performed.

Understand the Surface Switch

The racing surface is another important aspect that you should put into consideration. As athletes have locations they want to perform, horses also have preferences. As a result, you need to know what kinds of track the horses you are looking at enjoy performing. It can either be dirt, turf, or synthetic.

In addition, you can take a look at the surface switch of certain horses and the form guides so that you can tell how the horse is performing on the track. In that case, you can easily make more informed bets.

Mix Up Your Bet

If you want to improve your outcome, you need to have a realistic mindset. Understand that not all your bets will hit, and as a result, you should take the time to mix up your bets with better odds. So, for instance, if your number one go-to is #7 to win the third race, in addition to betting on it, you can pair the horse with others.

You can make them an exacta or trifecta. Besides that, you can try place and show bets, although their return rate can be low, making them unworthy bets most times, especially when you are looking for a substantial payout. 

Shop Odds

Look around find the best odds to bet on before you place your wager. It doesn’t even matter what sport you are going for; you should always shop your odds. Although you might not be able to shop odds for pari-mutuel betting since you have no control over the betting pool, you can always do so for fixed odds. 

If you are going for fixed odds, you should by all means go for the most profitable odds to bet on. You might not see the essence of odds shopping at first. In the long run, it can add up to plenty of money.

Bottom Line

Betting on horse races is pretty fun. You can do it online and offline, depending on what you want. You only need to be sure of what to do, and how to get started. Once you have all of this on lockdown, you can take into consideration these tips mentioned in this guide to help you improve your decision-making. Remember that there are no guarantees. So only bet with money you can afford to lose.