Why the Thor is a big weapon for Terran

The Thor is one of Terran’s biggest units in the game aside from the Battlecruiser. The Thor gives fire support on the ground and can crush a lot of enemy units in a single blow. It has a lot of guns which makes it a big weapon for the Terran race to use against the Zerg or Protoss.

For starters, Terran can pack a huge punch on the enemy. A single Thor can take down a swarm of Zerglings or even take out a horde of Zealots. That is how the Thor can roll in a game. This is why a lot of Terran players tend to train a lot of these in the late game.

The Thor has a lot more uses than just the heavy assault. It can even stay at base and help defend it from many attacks. Along with the support from the air and base defences, the Thor can prove to be a huge boost.

This is why the Thor is so vital in the Terran arsenal. A lot of players out there tend to place their faith in the siege unit that they forget how poor it can be when facing a lot of units from other sides. Using the Thor is never simple, and one can say that it takes time for one to fully master it.

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Thor Rush

Thor Rush is one of the best tactics to use for Terran players. This move is mostly used by pros since it takes a bright mind and a keen eye for game moves when it comes to using this tactic. It is easy to see it at first but then to do it is another task.

A lot of pros have used this in many tournaments, and there are times where it failed to win the game. Others have wiped out a whole base while others fell and lost. It depends on the player who uses it.

Most players tend to use the Thor to lead their push. This means that there are other units that should be able to keep it alive. It has a lot of health but players may need to put in air support or even more Marines around it with SCVs as well.

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Heavy support

The Thor is a heavy unit built to fight back at the heavies from the Zerg and Protoss, namely the Archon and the Mutalisk. It is sturdy and can take a lot of hits before going down. It can even be repaired for a short while and get it back to battle.

Thor is a better version of the Goliath – a smaller heavy unit. A lot of players use the Goliath for both speed and damage, but others tend to settle for a slow pace just to make use of the Thor’s huge damage.

This hulking unit can take on both ground and air units, and it can even switch to a huge cannon that deals twice the damage. This is why it is paired with any other Terran support unit.

For smart Terran players, the Thor is best used when it comes to the big battles where there are huge numbers of enemy units. Its support cannons can make short work of those swarms and hordes, and it can even go up well against the Colossus for the Protoss.

Using the Thor is not that bad for many players. All they have to do is to make sure that they can use it in the best way they could.

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